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Perfect Bound Books: 


Candi V. Auchterlonie - Eternal Autumn Within Saanichton; Canada

Gary Bills - Laws for Honey Herefordshire; UK

Maroula Blades - Blood Orange Berlin; Germany

Andrew Button - Melted Cheese on the Cosmic Pizza Leicestershire; UK

Andrew Button - Music for Empty Car Parks Leicestershire; UK

Brian Carlin - Skinful of Dust Glasgow; Scotland

Kevin Conder - Beautiful Enough to Burn Sollentuna; Sweden

Alan Corkish (Ed) - Liverpool Poets 08 Liverpool; UK

Alan Corkish (Ed) - In the Company of Ghosts London; UK

Alan Corkish (Ed) - Write North West Manchester; UK

Alan Corkish - Glimpses of Notes (Colour. A4 h/b) Liverpool; UK

John Cornelius - LIVING IN THE MYSTERY Poems and Lyrics Sussex; UK

Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy - B E F O R E   I T   R A I N S   A G A I N Bengaluru; S. India

María Castro Domínguez - A face in the crowd Gran Canaria; Spain

Matt Duggan - Dystopia 38.10 Bristol; UK

Alan Dunn (Ed) and Brigitte Jurack - The ballad of RAY + JULIE (Colour. A4 p/b) Liverpool; UK

Jacqui Dunne (Ed) - Our Beating Heart Liverpool; UK

Catherine Edmunds - How to Win at King’s Cross Durham; UK

Peter Eustace - HUMANICS Verona; Italy

Tamara Fulcher - Salsus Edinburgh; UK

Pascale Gouverneur - What sort of scream? Brussels; Belgium

Pascale Gouverneur - Pièces de résistance Brussels; Belgium

Ursula Hurley; guest editor Helen Pleasance - Purple Reign Manchester; UK

Paul Hawkins - Contumacy Dorset; UK

Monika Kostera - Oneiropeia Krakow; Poland  

Monika Kostera - GOING TO DELOS Krakow; Poland

P D Lyons - As if the Rain Fell in Ordinary Time Westmeath; Eire


David McLean - Pushing Lemmings Järfälla; Sweden

Stephen Nelson - Thorn Corners Lanarkshire; Scotland

Dele Oladeji - The Satirical Notes London; UK

David Oprava - VS Cardif; Wales

Puma Perl - knuckle tattoos NY; USA

Nick Power - Small Town Chase Wirral; UK

Nick Power - Holy Nowhere Wirral; UK

Nick Power - CARAVAN Wirral; UK

Nick Power - INTO THE VOID Wirral; UK

Nick Power - Bright Angel Wirral; UK

Nick Power & Andrew Taylor - LOWDEINE CHRONICLES Merseyside; UK

Vaughan Rapatahana - ternion Morrinsville; New Zealand

Steve Rushton - towards a new art London; UK

Mara Adamitz Scrupe - Eat the Marrow Philadelphia; USA

Renée M. Sgroi - life print, in points Whitby; Canada

K V Skene - UNORIGINAL SINS Toronto; Canada

Felino A. Soriano - A Searching for Full Body Syllables: fragmented olio Santa Maria, CA; USA

Bertie Suesat-Williams - Unexpected Poem in Bagging Area (A6 pb) Birchington; UK

Mario Susko - EPI/LOGOS Mineola, NY; USA

Connor Stratman - An Early Scratch Chicago; USA

Knotbrook Taylor - Ping-Pong In The Rain Angus; Scotland

Lydia Unsworth - Nostalgia for Bodies Kijkduinstraat; Amsterdam

Nazneen Zafar - Reading Together and other poems Kathmandu; Nepal






George Anderson - Dancing on Thin Ice Thirroul; Australia

Sophia Argyris - Strange Longing For A Monday London; UK  

Anthony Arnott - Behind Barcodes Lancs; UK    

Anthony Arnott - The Genius who drank all the milk Ormskirk; UK    

Aaron Asphar - closing invectives Sussex; UK    

Ben Barton - drop, anchor Kent; UK  

Richard Barrett - The Shangri Las Manchester; UK  

Charlie Bayliss  - hilda doolittle’s carl jung t-shirt Nottingham; UK

Linda Benninghoff - The Spaces Between Things NY; USA  

Claudia Bierschenk - Perestroika Silence Berlin; Germany  

anne blonstein - 8 OF STONES  Basel; Switzerland    

betsy content bogert - welcome to Earth Neu-Eichenberg; Germany

Natasha Borton - Signed Asbestos Wrexham; Wales

Iakovus Brown - PYROTAXIS Wolverhampton; UK  

Melanie Browne - Heaven is a Giant Pawn Shop Texas; USA  

Greg Buddery - Scavenging Bristol; UK  

Graham Burchell - Ladies of Divided Twins Devon; UK  

Martin Burke - City Wetteren; Belgium  

Andrew Button - Dry Days in Wet Towns Leicestershire; UK

Brian Carlin - A Crateful of Empties Glasgow; Scotland  

Moxy Casimir - SPILLAGES & SPURTS Wirral; UK    

Alan Corkish - Bum Rap Liverpool; UK

Alan Corkish - Island Poems Liverpool; UK

Alan Corkish - 42 Liverpool Poems Liverpool; UK

Alan Corkish (Ed) Thatcher Tributes Liverpool; UK  

Giuseppe Cornacchia - OTTONALE (bi-lingual collection) Manchester; UK  

John Cornelius - Combing my Hair for the Hangman Sussex; UK    

Sarah Crewe - Aqua Rosa Liverpool; UK    

Tony Cullen - Songs of Anlaf Chorley; UK  

Tracy Currall - This Panoptican Life Merseyside; UK  

Terry Dammery - Love in the Vernacular Edale; UK    

Kate Davy - Drifting Home Essex; UK  

Charlotte De’Ath - Kicks To Hypnotise Suburban Daughters Suffolk; UK  

Keith Alan Deutsch - After the Age of Animals Philadelphia; USA  

David Duncombe - Borders, Baggage Derbyshire; UK    

Jacqui Dunne - Butterfly in a Snowstorm Liverpool; UK  

Michael Egan - I went to the ship Liverpool; UK    

Amy Ekins - Nonplaced Tyne and Wear; UK  

Neil Ellman -The Great Metaphysician and Other Ekphrastic Inventions New Jersey; USA  

Stephen Emmerson - Chimera Leeds; UK      

Peter Eustace - Brink Verona; Italy  

M V Fabiyas - Eternal Fragments Kerala State; India  

Matt Fallaize - L39 Ormskirk; UK      

Penny Fearn - after the fire Dorset; UK    

Samuel Fisher - Rippling Reflections Manchester; UK  

Ryan Quinn Flanagan - The Trees Are Getting Naked Elliot Lake; Canada    

Gloria Ester Fontanez - Unspoken Canto New York; USA    

Lawrence Gladeview - Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love Longmont; USA

Maria Gornell - In the Absence of Wing Huyton; UK    

R G Gregory - Christmas Delinquent and other poems Shropshire; UK  

Ananya S. Guha - Dusk Descends New Delhi; India  

Christine Hamm - My Western Brooklyn; USA    

Jan Oskar Hansen - Marilyn Monroe Remembered Stavanger, Norway  

Steve Harrison - Flag Over the Cracks Barnsley; UK    

Julia Hastain - how nerve-yen became the new yew tree Lafayette; USA  

Catherine Hawcroft - The Hour of Doubt Belfast; Ireland    

Paul Hawkins - Claremont Road Dorset; UK  

jack henry - the downtown café California; USA    

Andy Hickmott - A Limited Season Neston; UK    

Ursula Hurley - Tree Liverpool; UK    

Ariel Jastromb - ATYPICAL LOVE LETTERS Highland Park; USA  

Ariel Jastromb - Emergent Urgency Highland Park; USA  

Vivien Jones - Hare Dumfriesshire; Scotland    

Pat Jourdan - The Cast-Iron Shore Galway; Eire    

A.J. Kaufmann - Insane in Rome Selected song lyrics Poznan; Poland    

A.J. Kaufmann - Saint of Kreuzberg Poznan; Poland    

Angela Keaton - Alphabet Wirral; UK    

Angela Keaton - Revolution of the world as yet incomplete (A4) Wirral; UK    

Angela Keaton - see he(a)r(e)  Wirral; UK    

Khalid Khan - Round the bend Karachi; Pakistan    

Steve Klepetar - thirty-Six Crows Saint Cloud; USA    

Lara Konesky and Andrew Taylor - Blood at the Chelsea Ohio; USA

Benjamin C. Krause - Classifieds Youngstown; USA    

Andrew Lander - Trout Pout & Other Stories Bristol; UK    

Jo Langton - [fill the silence] Manchester; UK    

Rick Lee - LOSGAINTIR les billanges; France    

Rick Lee - Out at Elbow les billanges; France  

Mark Leech - Saint and City Oxford; UK  

Aurora M. Lewis - Forget-Me-Knots Moreno Valley; USA    

Simon Leyland - The Language of Exile Galway; Eire    

Simon Leyland - Ramblings of an unkempt man Galway; Eire    

Simon Leland - Codes for living quietly Galway; Eire    

Joseph Lisowski - STASHU KAPINSKI LOOKS FOR LOVE Elizabeth City; USA  

Duane Locke - VOICES FROM A GRAVE Tampa, Florida; USA    

P D Lyons - Myths  Of  Multiplicity Castlepollard; Ireland

David Mac - Room is Brutal Beds; UK    

David Mac - These Dirty Nothings Beds; UK    

David Mac - We should all die in cornfields Beds; UK  

Richard Mason - “I don’t know what I’m doing.” Oxford; UK    

Wayne Mason - Poet Laureate of a Dirty Garage Lakeland, Florida; USA  

Michael McAloran - Unto Naught Co. Clare; Eire    

Michael McAloran - Debris Co. Clare; Eire    

Patrick Romero McCafferty - Mestizaje Edinburgh; UK

Kevin McCann - Some of Us Liverpool; UK    

Kevin McCann - I Killed George Formby Liverpool; UK  

Simon McCormack - A History of Scraps Dorset; UK

Jarlath McDonagh - The White Rabbit Co. Galway; Eire      

David McLean - A Hunger for Mourning Järfälla; Sweden    

Dee McMahon - No Frontiers Lancs; UK    

David Miller - Gloria London; UK    

Mark Murphy - Our Little Bit of Immortality Yorks; UK    

Wendy Muzlanova - A Comedy of Torture Scone; Scotland  

Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva - Unjumping Kampala; Uganda    

Bruno Neiva - dough  Coruña; Spain      

Oliver Nejad - COFFEE& CIGARETTES Devon; UK    

Oli Nejad - Sentiments  Devon; UK    

Cath Nichols - Distance & Tales of Boy Nancy Warrington; UK    

Oladele Oladeji - Chasing the Void London; UK  

Oladele Oladeji - Closer to Silence London; UK  

Dele Oladeji - The Sanatorium Voices and Other Poems London UK

Daniele Pantano - (Translated and Edited) IN AN ABANDONED ROOM  

             SELECTED POEMS BY GEORG TRAKL Liverpool; UK

Bobby Parker - Pictures of Screaming People Kidderminster; UK    

Albert Pellicer - FENNEC London; UK  

Puma Perl - Belinda and Her Friends NY; USA    

Puma Perl - Ruby True NY; USA    

Rob Plath - Squeezing Blood From The Alphabet Brooklyn; USA  

Craig Podmore - I am a Gun Derbeyshire; UK  

Craig Podmore - The Abattoir Heavens and the Holy Ghost Derbyshire; UK  

Gillian Prew - DISCONNECTIONS Dunoon; Scotland

Gillian Prew Three Colours Grief  Argyll; Scotland  

Lesley Quayle - Songs for Lesser Gods Yorkshire; UK    

u.v. ray - Road Trip & Other Poems  Staffs; UK  

Misti Rainwater-lites - Dripping Milk Texas; USA    

Eli Regan - i scrubs Warrington; UK  

Peter G Res - Neon Soliloquies Sodus; USA  

Brian Roberts - Last Train to Where? Liverpool; UK  

Matt Routledge - Memories - Borrowed, Stolen and Remembered Cambridge; UK  

Steve Rushton - Burning a Paper Plate London; UK  

Steve Rushton - lines written…while considering ovid in translation Isle of Wight; UK

Malcolm Saunders - Malpoetry Wirral; UK

Semblance - Sarer Scotthorne  Bristol; IUK

Laura Seymour - All the metals we tried Cambridge; UK    

Stephen Shimmans - ROOTS Lancs; UK      

Gordon Shrub - In the Garden of Evolution Castlecrag; Australia    

Renée Sigel - Falling Slowly Modena; Italy  

Sam Smith - Canoe Cumbria; UK    

Sam Smith - An Atheist’s Alphabetical Approach to Death Cumbria; UK

Sam Smith - A New Acmeism Cumbria; UK      

Felino A. Soriano - Construed Implications Santa Maria; USA    

Constance Stadler - Sublunary Curse Middletown; USA  

J. J. Steinfeld - A FANCIFUL GEOGRAPHY Charlottetown; Canada  

Dave Stannage - Gimme a Break!  Essex; UK    

Connor Stratman - Invisible Entrances Chicago; USA  

Lynn Strongin - AMANDA FLAMER British Columbia; Canada  

Lynn Strongin - Lace-Circled-Darkness British Columbia; Canada  

Mario Susko - RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Minneola, NY; USA  

John Swain - Handing the Cask Louisville; USA    

David Tait - Suitcase/Earthquake Lancs; UK    

Andrew Taylor - Temporary Residence Melling; UK

Andrew Taylor - Poetry and Skin Cream Melling; UK

Angela Topping - The Lightfoot Letters Cheshire; UK    

Angela Topping - Kids’ Stuff Cheshire; UK      

Teodora Totorean - Sidesteps off Reality Devon; UK      

Vincent Turner - Envying Harry Essex; UK    

Sara-Mae Tuson - the funeral of my first love London; UK

Robert Verdon - Before we knew this Century Canberra; Australia  

Michael Vowles - Verse of a Lotus-Eater Bristol; UK    

Christian Ward - Slippage London; UK    

L. Ward Abel - Torn Sky Bleeding Blue Senoia; USA

L. Ward Abel - A Jerusalem of Ponds Senoia; USA    


Petra Whiteley - Liquid Metropolis Dorset; UK  

Harry R. Wilkens - PISS TALKS Geneva; Switzerland    

Lori A. Williams - Woman on the Brink Brooklyn; USA    

Sarah Williams - Map Maker Kent; UK  

Jenifer Wills - Skidding Through the Mud Incognito Portland; USA  

Zack Wilson - The Mirror   Sheffield; UK    


A D Winans - MARKING TIME San Francisco; USA  

Richard Wink - The Magnificant Guffaw Norwich; UK  

Reuben Woolley - dying notes Zaragoza; Spain

Grzegorz Wróblewski -THESE EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE Copenhagen; Denmark  

Bill Yarrow - Wrench Lincolnwood; USA  




Alan edits the erbacce journal which is distributed quarterly.


1:  Featuring: Dee Rimbaud - Edinburgh; Scotland

2:  Featuring: Poems by anonymous subscribers

3:  Featuring: Sam Smith - Cumberland; UK

4:  Featuring: Helen Kitson - Worcester; UK

5:  Featuring: Dmytro Drozdovsky - Ukraine; Russia

6:  Featuring: A D Winans - San Fransisco; USA

7:  Featuring: Editors’ Choice

8:  Featuring: L. Ward Abel - Georgia; USA

9:  Featuring: Mario Susko - Long Island; USA

10: Featuring: Ursula Hurley - Ormskirk; UK

11: Featuring: Ashley Welch - Salford; UK

12: Featuring: William Taylor Jnr. - San Fransisco; USA

13: Featuring: Misti Rainwater-Lites - Texas; USA

14: Featuring: Alessio Zanelli - Lombardy; Italy

15: Featuring: Judy Kendall - Manchester; UK

16: Featuring: Maroula Blades - Berlin; Germany

17: Featuring: Lesley Quayle - Leeds; UK

18: Featuring: Robert Sheppard - Liverpool; UK

18: Featuring: Lara Konesky - Ohio; USA

20: Featuring: April Bratten - Dakota; USA

21: Featuring: Farida Samerkhanova - Toronto; Canada

22: Featuring: Jack Henry - California; USA

23: Featuring: Chris McCabe - Liverpool; UK

24: Featuring: Royal Wedding Special

25: Featuring: Eleanor Rees - Liverpool; UK

26: Featuring: Tamara Fulcher - Edinburgh; Scotland

27: Featuring: Roelof Broekman - Amsterdam; Holland

28: Featuring: Scott Thurston - Liverpool; UK

29: Featuring: Aleathia Drehmer - NY; USA

30: Featuring: Editors’ Choice - Melling; UK

31: Featuring: Jo Langton - Manchester; UK

32: Featuring: Claudine Toutoungi - Cambridge; UK

33: Featuring: Clara Hsu - San Fransisco; USA

34: Featuring: Vaughan Rapatahana - Tin Shui Wai; Hong Kong

35: Featuring: Fokkina McDonnell - Manchester; UK

36: Featuring: Craig Guthrie - Heswell; UK

37: Special:     10th  Birthday Edition (40pages)

38: Featuring: Mike Brennan - California; USA

39: Featuring: Elio Lomas - Preston; UK

40: Featuring: Richard Hughes - Hale; UK

41: Featuring: Fiona Farrelly - Co. Meath; Ireland

42: Featuring: Catherine Edmunds - Co. Durham; UK

43: Featuring: Lori Anne DeSanti - Connecticut; USA

44: Featuring: Pascale Gouverneur - Brussels; Belgium

45: Featuring: Peter Eustace - Verona; Italy

46: Featuring: Lydia Unsworth - Manchester; UK

47: Featuring: Judith Wilkinson translates Hagar Peeters - Groningen; The Netherlands

48: Featuring: K.V. Skene - Toronto; Canada

49: Featuring: Yvette Schnoeker-Shorb - Arizona; USA

50: Special:     50th Anniversary Edition: invited poets only (40 pages)

51: Featuring: Okwudili Nebeolisa - Kaduna state; Nigeria

52: Featuring: Karen Dennison - Essex; UK

53: Featuring: Kevin Conder - Sollentuna; Sweden

54: Featuring: Jocelyn Simms - St Andre -sur-Sevre; France

55: Featuring: Debasis Mukhopadhyay - Montreal; Canada

56: Featuring: Dennis Mombauer - Colombo; Sri Lanka

57: Featuring: Shikhandin - Telangana; India

58: Featuring: Scott Elder - Queuille; France

59: Featuring: Des Mannay - Newport; Wales

60: Featuring: Margarita Serafimova - Sofia; Bulgaria

61: Featuring: Joe Weston - Nottingham; UK