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Cats 'n Dogs

The world, as is well known by all intelligent and thinking people, is divided into cat-people and dog-people. Which means in essence that what has just been said in the previous sentence is known to all people who love cats and who, rightly, despise dogs and the fawning control freaks who profess to love dogs. That word 'profess' is important for love is at the core of the argument here. I believe that between a human and a cat there can exist a real love, one based on respect... but between a human and a dog their can exist merely a relationship, a relationship based on one being master and the other being subservient... a relationship based on 'control'.


Cats are sensitive, proud, independent. A cat will never chase a stick to amuse some lowbrow yob, a cat will not shove its head into your crutch and sniff orgiastically, a cat will not shit on a pavement or rub its nose in another cat's piss. Leave a cat alone and it will find its own food, live its own life, do its own thing. Leave a dog alone and it will fawn, grovel, yap and cringe and eventually fade away because a dog lacks the intelligence to do anything other than eat, shit and snap aggressively. Dogs, as the South African police soon discovered, can be made to attack only black people which they will then do with relish. But if you shout at a cat and scream 'Kill!' the cat will amble away no doubt saying to itself; 'Don't be boring... I will kill when I decide, or when I need food, I aint got nothing against Black's man...'


But if dogs are unpleasant and groveling creatures they are not half so bad as the dog-lovers themselves. What decent human-being gets a kick from an animal's servility? What decent human-being seeks to control, for their own ends, an animal's viciousness? Dog lovers are control freaks who get their perverse pleasure from seeing an animal grovel. To a dog-lover a dog is a creature who they pride themselves 'does what its told'. 'Sit'! 'Beg'! (They're good at that) 'Fetch'! 'Roll over and show us yer cock'!!! All degrading and humiliating acts which are seen by all other animals and all people who believe in the dignity of animals as just that... but not by the dog-lover. A dog-lover actually enjoys humiliating both themselves and their doggy pet... just as, deep down inside, they probably enjoy humiliating their spouses, their children and their friends. Dog-lovers would love to make their children, spouses, friends 'Sit'! at their barked command. Dog-lovers also ignore the instances of so-called 'faithful-dogs' turning aggressive and ripping the faces of the children they have known for years, or of killing defenseless old people, even though such cases are frequent and well documented... could it really be that dog-lovers, who know this fact as well as we all do, like to have the power to make others fear them and their dogs?


I believe that if there was such a thing as pure-evil, or a devil, then that devil would surely strut the pavements with his snarling bitch at his side straining on a heavy chain and slobbering at the thought of aiding its master in evil. And just as surely if there is such a thing as pure-good, or a God, then in Heaven the angels will each have a cat as a role model to teach them tolerance, love, independence and grace...


Dogs are smelly, fawning, tasteless embarrassments who wolf their food and shit on pavements and in the grass where children love to play and unlike cats they never bury their shit... that same dog shit contains the eggs of the round worm Toxocara canis which are found only in dog shit and which cause Toxocariasis in children... as the result of this Toxocariasis over 40 children go blind in this country every single year... many other children, swallowing the eggs as they play in the grass in gardens and parks, become extremely ill.


Dog-lovers are unfeeling, insensitive, smug, tasteless, control freaks who extend the personalities that they wished they possessed to the groveling beasts at their side and if you are ever so audacious as to try to explain to them about the shit which makes children go blind it becomes obvious that these people just don't care. The inevitable reply will be; 'Well they have to shit somewhere...' Or if these lowbrow, mental-defectives do accept the horror which Toxocariasis can produce they say 'Well I always carry a scoop and pick up my dog shit...' which is usually a lie but in any case the eggs of the Toxocara canis are usually left behind to wreak their horrific harvest of misery.


Cat-people, on the other hand, are like the cats they so love and admire. Cat-people are friendly to all without discrimination... yet they are also independent, they can look after themselves, they are intelligent without having the need to make their fellowman feel insecure and demeaned, they have such a calm, utter confidence in themselves that they would never seek to degrade others. Cat-people, like cats, love without selfishness for they realise that love can't be bought and also they give up that love when it exhausts without turning and ripping the face of their ex-love. Cat-people never give barked orders and also never simply follow orders for they actually use the brains they have... Cat-people have no need for masters and have no need to bark orders for they, like their cats, are inevitably respected by other loving and caring human-beings. And, to return to my opening remark which related to 'love', that might well be the crux of the matter, that might well be the real difference between cat-people and dog-people; cat-people love enough to realise that independence is just as important as love... and so they love unselfishly, they love with respect... in short they love enough to let go...


They love enough to let go...


...remember that the next time you read of a group of people fighting for long minutes to force open the jaws of some demented rottweiller when his frothing and foul teeth are clamped around the face of a terrified, screaming child...



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