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CHARITY begins with Capitalism!


The other day a respected friend of mine asked me why I didn’t give money to ‘charity’; the question arose because currently I have more than enough money to meet my needs and actually didn’t know what to do with it. You see I have ‘enough’, I am not in any way wealthy, but at the end of each month I certainly have a few pounds left in my pockets; this friend of mine asked almost casually why I didn’t give it to ‘charity’.


This is by way of my answer to her: I have always known, deep inside, that all registered ‘charities’ are simply necessary parts of the Capitalist system; they don’t seek to do things for other people, mainly they seek to do things for themselves. Let me show you how this applies to any given registered-charity, lets examine that ancient institution; Oxfam.


Oxfam seeks, in a nutshell, to end world poverty and as I write it has hundreds of different projects ongoing; HIV strategy, the East Africa Appeal, the Tsunami fund, International Youth Project,… etc etc Each of these projects is overseen by one or more extremely highly paid ‘Directors of Projects’ and every time there is a disaster then another opportunity for a fat-cat salary emerges. (and these ARE fat-cat salaries; I’m talking here about hundreds of thousands of pounds with large expense allowances, free top-of-the-range cars and index-linked pensions) Oxfam itself is a massive business with incredible wealth; just look at the thousands of Oxfam shops throughout the country; the freehold on these shops alone, often on prime locations, is surely worth hundreds of millions… and each country that they work in has its own head-office employing typists, promotional executives, managers, cleaners and even in some countries; door-men.


What would happen to the thousands upon thousands of well paid executives, management and junior employers of Oxfam if they ever actually succeeded in their declared goal of ending world poverty? They’d be standing in mile-long queues waiting to collect their dole or they’d be relying on charity themselves. So the last thing they want to do is end world poverty it would be like turkeys voting for Christmas. The truth is that for every pound you hand to Oxfam or indeed any registered-charity you are making a generous contribution either to some ordinary typist’s salary or to some fat-cat’s food or petrol expenses or to their lucrative retirement pensions.


Oxfam also, like all the major registered-charities, invests heavily in pension funds and capital-growth. Admittedly they try to invest in allegedly ‘politically correct’ areas but nevertheless their investment swells their own massive coffers and the oligarch that it actually is grows proportionately to the success of capitalism. How much would you estimate Oxfam is actually worth? A billion? Ten Million? Certainly not less…


When you see their adverts on television urging you to ‘give generously’ do you realise that these prime-time adverts cost £160,000.00 a minute. Read that carefully; £160,000.00 per minute. And who pays for that advertising? Well sadly it is the people who send their pounds and fivers who pay for the adverts. I have no idea what proportion of the massive wealth of Oxfam actually goes to provide hand-outs to people in need but what I do know is that your pound or your fiver or even your hundred pound donation will pay for just a thousandth of a second of an advert or for dinner-expenses for some ‘Director of Project’ driving a top-range car that you’ll also be paying for. And remaining on television advertising but digressing; the NSPCC has an advert running currently which is rather suspect showing small children weeping after (presumably) being sexually or physically assaulted… will they stop at nothing to get your money? Their slogan for this one is ‘Abuse has to stop!’ but what if it did? What if all cruelty to children stopped? What would happen to their bulging coffers and the thousands of people who get paid to run the NSPCC? Believe me; the last thing they want is for abuse to stop…


Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against helping people out and I am sure that the people left homeless after the Tsunami or the children starving after the most recent famines are grateful indeed when a £200,000.00 Mercedes truck arrives with warm-clothing, tents or rice… and if I see someone in need you bet I help them; help them in ways I wont even list here… but I will never send a penny to any registered-charity. I’d send the money instead to some political party that actually has a REAL desire to end world poverty; by destroying the capitalist system. Because that’s the only way you’ll ever end poverty; by destroying the corrupt system which allows two-thirds of the world’s population to remain illiterate or hungry. How about adopting this as a simple slogan:


Fuck the Charities: Smash the System!


Sounds about right to me…


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