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New Feminism

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THE New Feminism


We’ve come a long way Comrades.  Feminism, as we knew it in the days of Greer and de Beauvoir, is truly dead and unto us is born THE New Feminism; THE new feminism of fluttering eyelashes and Capitalist bimbos demanding the right to exploit their own kind. THE new feminism of mini-skirted Doctoral femme fanatics, whose translucent plastic handbags reveal their condom stash and their French cigarettes, beginning seminars with ‘Darlinks, ve are fwee... Now ve can do vot ever ve like...’ Oh yes; and THE new feminism allows for seduction or the male... and why not... didn’t Pankhurst and her ilk fight courageously for the right to calculatingly screw blokes just as blokes have always calculatingly screwed women? THE new feminism allows for the abuse of men... and why not?  Didn’t men abuse women long enough? THE new feminism allows for apartheid, the separate development of the female id and its attendant trips into the mystic world of Tarot, horoscopes and séances... to hell with science, philosophy and logic, the newly liberated women know ‘...there is something else’.


And THE new feminism demands not only the right to walk the streets at night but the right to keep men off them. THE new feminism allows carrying a concealed .38 and shooting dead the insolent male who presumes that those fluttering eyes and seductive giggles mean something mutual. THE new feminism demands also that when a woman appears in court accused of murdering a male then ten thousand screaming harridans will picket outside demanding her right to slaughter ‘abusive’ men. THE new feminism means no children for aren’t you all ‘career girls’? THE new feminism means; aromatherapy, acupressure, face-lifts, anti-wrinkle creams, face-packs, stiletto boots, perfumes, false hair, false nails, false lashes, false breasts and heh, now you can have ‘The Girlie Show’ on telly and....


Hang on, there’s something wrong somewhere isn’t there? Is this Feminism or the perverse aping of men?  Feminism or the reinforcement and embracing of Capitalism? Feminism or a mere reversal of roles? Feminism... or being that ‘other’ which men have told women is desirable?


Let me ask you what may not immediately seem to be a serious question.  ‘How is it that only women and clowns wear make-up?’ Now you may well ask; ‘What the hell’s that got to do with the debate?’ I’ll explain;


Feminism is not an isolated and singular philosophy. It is a revolutionary concept, revolutionary in that it seeks to accelerate understanding and a change in the way that men perceive women. If women have been subjugated by men for most of history, and they undoubtedly have, then what we’re struggling for (note the use of the word ‘we’ there sisters) is some kind of re-balance consisting of an equality of opportunity and a recognition that although women are different they should have the right to be treated with equal respect, that in all things they should have the same basic rights as men.  But you know, it’s difficult isn't it? For not only do women have to face up to die-hard reactionaries they have to recognise the baggage with which men have saddled them for years and that means recognising, for one thing, that it is not ‘natural’ to paint oneself... not when that painting is done for the edification of men and because men think it looks sexually attractive.  


Now let’s not have any of that nonsense about women blobbing powder, lip-paint and nail polish on themselves because they innately desire to. If you believe that then the feminist battle is lost already. Men created and now sell these noxious paints, men get turned on by them and most of all men use make-up on women to reinforce their own sense of superiority.  After all; there is no need whatsoever to respect a person who craves your attention so much that they paint themselves with pretty colours in order to attract you is there?  Men look at women clogged with make up and desire them sexually, desire them as painted-dolls but before the desire comes total contempt for the carefully manufactured subservience expressed in their painted faces and silicone-padded breasts. Perhaps because we men realise that women are in fact superior to us in many ways we denigrate them at every opportunity through fear that they may one day realise that they are not inferior... keep them painted, keep them down... one prefaces the other.


THE New Feminism, with its adherence to all things ‘girlie’, is supported enthusiastically by Capital, by Chauvinists and by Business... and with supporters like that you must know deep inside that something is drastically wrong, so I ask this of THE new feminists; ‘What exactly are you are committed to? Your own individual and alleged ‘liberation’ or an equality of worth?’ Because if it’s the latter then you’ll need to work a damn sight harder than you have done to date for all you have now is a thin skimming of gloss over the old crumbling foundation... and that, as any clown or bimbo will tell you, is as insubstantial and shallow as an artificial eyelash, no matter how practised and seductive its flutterings...