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New Labour!

I recall, as a young man, reading George Orwell's 'Animal Farm', I recall too the chill which ran down my spine as, when the ordinary farmyard animals became dissatisfied with the rule by the Pigs, the Pigs' spokesperson, Squealer, would skip and dance, twirl his piggy tale to mesmerise the animals and ask; "But what if Jones came back ?  You don't want that do you ?"  This suitably subdued the animals.  One Sunday evening recently the same chill ran down my spine when I was listening to David Starkey interviewing Peter Mandelson on Talk Radio and a telephone caller was grilling Mr Mandelson as to whether or not he was a Socialist and as to why the Labour Party had swung savagely to the Right. Mr Mandelson eventually replied; "But can you imagine what it would be like if the Tories got back in ?  Another five years of Tory policies ?" I could almost see Mr Mandelson's tail twirling.


The fact is that Mr Blair has clearly infiltrated the Labour Party via his Church and his Public School in a way that the Militant Tendency would have admired and the surprising thing is that Socialists apparently continue to vote for a Leader of a Party which has thrown out every ideal, principle and policy that their mothers and their grandfathers fought for. But it isn't just Mr Blair, it can't be; John Prescott has said almost nothing by way of protest in his role as Deputy, Liverpool-Walton's MP, Peter Kilfoyle, tells us that the brave Liverpool dockers 'sacked themselves', David Blunkett, the Minister of State for Education, supports both Harriet Harman and Tony Blair's hypocrisy with regard to their own children's schooling and Margaret Beckett warns that the Tory anti-Trades' Union laws will stand. Despite all this the Labour Party rank-and-file continue to vote for these turncoats who have laid out their stall before middle-England and told the ordinary workers and the traditional Labour supporters loudly and frequently to get-stuffed !  One has to ask are there any Socialists left anywhere ?  Any people who believe in equality and in a society where the rich have an obligation to those less well of than themselves; an obligation which must be realised through taxation ?


It seems apparent that if the Labour Party wins this next election then all past efforts and aspirations by the few who in the past fought for equality and Socilaism, the Kier Hardie's, the Clem Atlees, the Eric Heffers... are as dead as their rotting bones... But perhaps if the Labour Party suffers a massive defeat next year then there may come a realisation within the Party hierarchy that they can't take the votes of the people who have worked at the grass roots of the Old Labour Party for granted.


What was lost when Mr Blair infiltrated the party and became its leader was the idea that a political party should advocate principals and put forward ideas... Mr Blair thought this notion to be naive; 'Why do we lose elections ?' he asked and his egotistical reply was; 'Because the people don't want Socialism.' At this point someone should have asked him why he then joined a Socialist party but no one ever did.  Instead they listened to his breathtakingly arrogant assumption that if the people don't want Socialism then, despite the hundred years of honourable fighting and struggle, the Labour Party should toss Socialism out of the window. Lacking the integrity of Shirley Williams and her gang of four Blair remained within the Socialist Party which he had joined, presumably not because he believed in it, but to destroy it like a cancer and like a cancer he gnawed away at its innards until it began to crumble, began to be 'electable'. Integrity played no part in Mr Blair's actions, integrity never has, instead of laying out the Labour Party stall and saying to the voters; 'This is what we are, this is what we believe in, this is what we will try to persuade you is best for you and for Britain', Mr Blair sidled off to lunch with Newspaper magnates and studied the opinion polls and then he amalgamated all that the spin-doctors and the opinion polls told him that the voters wanted and announced; 'That's what we want too ! You want war on dole-scroungers, you want Myra Hindley locked up for ever, you want the Unions and the bosses to be buddies !  We do too...'  and then with the conspicuous cunning of  a modern-day Squealer he skipped and danced to mesmerise his audience and added; '...after all, you don't want the Tories back do you ?'


But we know what happened at the end of Animal Farm don't we; the ordinary working animals on the farm eventually realised that there was no difference between the pigs and the humans who had ruled them before. Orwell left us with a fable about hypocrisy, dishonesty and the abuse of power and we do well to heed it now. However there is one other outcome to this method of Mr Blairs of winning votes by courting the populace instead of persuading them by genuine commitment and that is that one day the populace may turn round and say;


 'We want you to get rid of Gypsies, Communists, GAYs, the Trades Unionists, Jews... the bloody, dole-scrounging Refugees, we want them out of our country Mr Blair...'  


...and it sickens me to say it but all indications are that Mr Blair and his acolytes will look only to the opinion polls to check if these policies will see them empowered for another four years.


Perhaps if the Labour Party doesn't win the next election, Socialism will.









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